Buy Cornhole Vs Making Bean Bag Toss Game – Building Your Own Cornhole Set Could Cost You More


As the game of Cornhole Bean Bag Toss continues to rise in popularity so does the demand for Cornhole boards and accessories. Cornhole equipment is not cheap! Can you make bean bag toss game yourself? Enthusiasts want quality constructed boards, a big variety of bean or corn bag colors and prints, and unique designs.

Is it better to buy Cornhole or do-it-yourself? With a little carpentry know-how, proper tools, and a set of regulation plans, you could save some money if you make bean bag toss game yourself cornhole game.

Having the right tools is important. Plus you’ll need a sewing machine if you plan on making the toss bags. If you have to go out and buy tools for this one project, stop right there. It is far less expensive to simply buy Cornhole online than to buy tools to make bean bag toss game.

If you do have the right tools, next is your trip to the lumber yard. Supplies could cost anywhere from $25-$75. Your time and labor are “free”. If you do know what you’re doing and you like doing it, the project will be fun and far less expensive than purchasing a ready-made or customized set. Doing it yourself means your set would be original and something to be proud of.

For those who have trouble with carpentry but insist on doing it yourself, know that if you attempt to make bean bag toss game yourself, you may end up with something that you just can’t use. Now you must take the buy Cornhole route and you’ve spent nearly double the dough.

Be prepared to pay good money whether you buy Cornhole or make bean bag toss set. The game has spread like wildfire and competition for “best board” gets hotter!

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